CONFIRMATION – No fly, No pay!

Please call in advance to confirm reservations with your preferred time and number of passengers. In high season, we often have a waiting list for tour groups; therefore, if your tour group will be late or unable to fly for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. If for any reason your guests are unable to fly we will NOT charge you.


    Adults: $145.00 – $29.00 = $116.00 (CAD)
    Child: (2-11) $89.00 – $14.00 = $75.00 (CAD)
    Infant (under 2): Free

    Rates for the general public subject
    to change without notice. All
    rates are quoted in Canadian
    Currency unless otherwise specified

Helicopter sightseeing rides over Niagara Falls for individuals and groups. An exciting combination of terrific scenery and the thrill of a helicopter ride along with a Certificate of flight provided for all passengers. The Duration of the amazing flight: 9 minutes in the air.

Some more details to know before you book your next Helicopter ride from us.

HELICOPTERS: Four, 7-passenger, customized AIRBUS 130 helicopters. Complimentary taped commentary in 12 different languages.


FREE Parking – On-site free parking, especially for motorcoaches.

Wheelchair access – For our less mobile passengers, a wheelchair ramp and lift provides direct access to the helicopters. Our staff has experience in boarding and will assist all guests.

Souvenirs – We carry a limited selection of high quality, Niagara- Helicopters and Niagara Falls souvenirs.

Photography Products – Personalized photos taken prior to flight and available for purchase upon landing.


Please book reservations in advance even if final numbers are not confirmed. Many of our overseas tours are booking up to one year in
advance. If advance reservations are not made, you may find that the most suitable times have already been booked. We accept
reservations by telephone, facsimile, mail or e-mail. Deposits are not presently required. Where times are available, we will be happy to accept unbooked tours. However, please understand that pre-booked tours will receive priority service over an un-booked tour.


*  Daily, YEAR ROUND
*  9:00 a.m. until sunset, *weather permitting.
*  Closed on Christmas Day.
*  If the weather looks poor, please feel free to call us for confirmation of flights. There is a minimum weather standard that we are
legally obliged to meet prior to flying.

The Thrill of a Lifetime with your loved ones.